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Come on in. Don't let the squeaky, squally door scare you. It just needs a tad of WD40 … or maybe for that darn ghost to behave itself. Ignore him. Go ahead and sit down, take your shoes off and stay a spell. I promise to try to keep my ghosts under control so they won't scare you again … too much. It's no fun to be around un-scary ghosts, now, is it?

You'll find some cool information here about my books and even a little about me, as well as links to my Facebook and Twitter accounts. One of the buttons will take you to my blog, I See Dead Folks. I make it a point to write a new blog about my paranormal experiences once a week, and you can subscribe from there.

I also formed a paranormal group called Supernatural Researchers of Texas (SRT). We, too, have a blog at www.supernaturalresourcesoftexas.com. Various members of SRT post there every couple weeks. Our fantastic web mistress and cover designer, Angela Rogers, works hard on making it engaging.

I have several new books in the works, so check back now and then or friend me on Facebook. I love interacting with readers and other paranormal groups. I'll discuss ghosts with anyone I can corner!

T. M.


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